Company Listings

  • Why is my company on your website?
  • When a Limited company is formed in the UK it has a legal obligation to make certain details available for public inspection.

    The UK Companies Act 2006 defines what information about Companies and their Directors is placed on public registers and thus publicly accessible.

    Our website provides a service by making this public information easily accessible.

    We will not remove this public information about UK Companies and their Directors from our website. If you are a director of a UK Limited Liability company you should be aware of the legal responsibilities your position holds.

    However, we can stop your Company's listing on our website from appearing in Google and other search engines indexes, see here for details. For details about removing a Director's address and other details from our website, please see here.

  • Can you stop my company appearing on Google?
  • Yes, we can add a NOINDEX tag to a Company's page. This will stop Google and other search engines from showing it in there search results.

    It does take a while, typically about a month, before Google re-crawls the page and removes the company from its index.

    Please use this form to request the NOINDEX tags added to your company details.

  • Your home or residential address is shown on our website because you provided it to Companies House when you incorporated your company or in the Annual Returns submitted to Companies House.

    Rather than a residential address, you are able to file a 'Service Address' with Companies House and keep your residential address confidential.

    To file a Service Address, file form CH01 with Companies House.

    Once the Service Address has been accepted by Companies House and entered on the official register, then the updated address details will flow to our website automatically.

    If you are no longer a director of a company then you won't be able update your address with Companies House. In this case please use this form to request address removal.

  • Can I add my company to your website?

Company Documents

  • Will a company be notified if I order a report or document?
  • No. Companies will never be informed that they have had reports or documents ordered on them from our website. All your searches are purchases are entirely confidential. We never share customer information. The only exception to this is when we are forced to reveal usage information by a UK High Court third party disclosure order.
  • We email a PDF copy of the document within a few minutes of the order. If the email has not arrived, then please check your Junk / Spam email folder in case our email has been misclassified.

    You can also click on the 'Your Documents' link at the top of the page, as shown here, to see your documents.

    And finally, you can also access the documents directly on the website. The link is where reference is the six digit purchase reference code that starts with an 'x' which was shown during the purchase process.

  • How do you supply the documents that I purchase?
  • We will email you a PDF copy of the documents, and also provide you with a link which allows you to view and download the documents directly from our website. We send the email within a few minutes of the documents being purchased.
  • Can you invoice me?
  • Yes, we offer a PrePay account. We will send you an invoice which can be paid directly into our bank account or via cheque.
    We then supply you with a batch of voucher codes which are used to purchase the documents on the website.
    We will give you a 25% discount on the normal prices on the website.
    However, there is a minimum purchase quantity of 25 documents because of the extra administration costs involved.
    Please contact us for more information, Contact Us


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  • Who owns the website?
  • is a website owned and run by
    Comdevelopment Ltd

    Postal Address:
    Comdevelopment Ltd
    Unit 6301
    PO Box 6945
    W1A 6US

    Registered Office:
    20-22 WENLOCK ROAD
    N1 7GU

    Registered Company Number: 10739426
    Place of Registration: England & Wales

  • Our Contact details
  • Please use our Contact form with any questions, you should get a response within 24 hours.